3-Up Certified Mail® Form

3-Up Certified Mail® Form (CMF-073)

DISCLAIMER: Due to USPS restrictions, this product is no longer kept in stock. The new and improved form can be found here. Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance switching to the new form.

Another of our best selling printable Certified Mail® forms is the 3-Up Laser Form. This patented form again combines the USPS® 3800 Label and the PS 3811 Return Receipt card for expedited assembly— plus gives you three Certified Mail® forms per page. Forms feed one at a time and are ideal for medium to high volumes and/or batch processing.

The 3-Up printable Certified Mail® forms sheet can be separated into one single form and fed through an envelope tray/feeder. Print a return address on the Return Receipt card as needed. You have the option to print your return address while processing the mail piece, or let us pre-print your address for a more professional appearance and additional time savings. An auxiliary label can be used an individual mail piece receipt or as an additional mailing label, mailing address or Return Receipt label, and if needed contains two sender’s record stickers.

This form is available for other USPS® Special Service Mail including U.S. Insured & Registered. Designed to be placed over the mailing label on the front of the mail piece, this form affixes to all sizes of packages, flats and parcels. When you need fast, convenient printable Certified Mail® forms, eliminate the USPS® 3800 label. USA Images offers an approved product that saves you time and ensures accuracy.

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